1,200 King County Residents Call on Port to Reject Arctic Drilling Based in Seattle

1,200 King County Residents Call on Port to Reject Arctic Drilling Based in Seattle

The Port of Seattle is facing a growing crescendo of public opposition to Shell Oil's plans to base their Arctic oil drilling at the Port of Seattle. In the last 24 hours alone, more than 1,200 Fuse members in King County have joined hundreds of others calling on the Port to reject the proposal. At a minimum, they're asking for an extended public comment period so that local residents have the opportunity to express their opinions about the proposal.

"Washington is a national leader in the fight to protect our environment and stop global warming. We shouldn't be rolling out the welcome mat for one of the most irresponsible oil companies in the world," said Aaron Ostrom, Executive Director of Fuse Washington, the state's largest progressive organization.

The New York Times recently chronicled Shell's disastrous record of attempting to drill in the Arctic. The company repeatedly ignored environmental laws and took extraordinary risks in pursuit of bigger oil profits.

While Commissioners Tom Albro and Courtney Gregoire have been sympathetic to concerns about the lease, John Creighton, Bill Bryant, and Stephanie Bowman have so far refused to stand up to Shell. The Port has a public meeting today at 12pm where it could vote to open a public comment period or reject the lease outright.

"We expect our public agencies to take public comments on such important and controversial proposals," said Ostrom.

You can find the template text of the message Fuse members sent to the Port here: http://act.fusewashington.org/letter/feb9_arctic_oil_drilling/

Fuse is working with a broad coalition to stop the Port from entering a lease with Shell Oil. Other organizations who have spoken out on this issue include Earthjustice, the Campion Foundation, Climate Solutions, Washington Environmental Council, 350 Seattle, Alaska Wilderness League, National Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and others. The coalition's letter to the Port is posted online here: http://fusewashington.org/pdf/Coalition%20Letter%20to%20Port%20of%20Seattle%20Commissioners%2001-28-15.pdf

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