A Half-Baked Sale To Fund Schools

Our kids deserve better than a half-baked plan to fund schools.

Unfortunately, Sen. Andy Hill and the Senate Republicans are relying on almost $300 million in risky, speculative marijuana tax revenue in order to fund education. That's right: they're depending on Washingtonians buying 80 million joints over the next two years to fulfill our paramount duty as a state.

We held a "Half-Baked Sale" at the Capitol in Olympia to highlight Sen. Hill's irresponsible budget. Since Hill made it our paramount duty to smoke pot, we offered Doritos, Oreos, Mt. Dew, and other pot-friendly munchies to support Washingtonians who want to do their part for schools.

Half-Baked_Fuse.jpg Andy Hill and the Senate Republicans' "Sell Joints First" budget is pretty laughable, but our state's dire need for education funding is no joke. Rather than relying on risky pot money, we need our legislature to enact a progressive capital gains tax and close some of the 650 wasteful tax loopholes to fund our schools. Will you share this graphic to help us spread the word that the Senate Republicans' budget is half-baked?