Who is Rob McKenna Working For?

Rob McKenna slips up sometimes. When he does, it’s usually very revealing.

McKenna has worked hard over the years to hide his conservative values so that most voters don’t know what he really stands for. But his latest get rich quick proposal for corporate special interests makes it clear whose side he’s really on.

From weakening protections for injured workers to devaluing the minimum wage, McKenna’s true priorities are clear: helping powerful, conservative corporations at the expense of working families.

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Insurance industry profits over injured workers:
It’s simple: if you get hurt on the job, you should be able to see a doctor and receive support for your family while you recover. However, Rob McKenna is siding with big insurance companies and his campaign donors that want to pad their profits by slashing workers’ protections.1 He’s pushing this scheme at the behest of big insurance companies, despite the fact that voters overwhelmingly rejected a similar proposal — I-1082 — just last year.2

Wall Street profits over homeowners:
Rob McKenna is part of a national settlement that would let some of the nation’s biggest mortgage companies off the hook with a slap on the wrist. Some progressive Attorneys General have withdrawn from the settlement because it doesn’t hold Wall Street Banks accountable for destroying our economy and foreclosing on millions of families. McKenna not only thinks it’s a good deal — particularly for his campaign donors — but he’s serving as a lead negotiator for this Wall Street giveaway.3

Health insurance profits over patients:
McKenna is a national leader of the effort to throw out the Affordable Care Act, which is already helping millions of Americans. Thanks to these historic reforms, children can’t be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, young people are now covered under their parents’ health plan until the age of 26, and health insurers must use health premiums on actual health care. Health insurance companies want to return to making billions at the expense of patients, and Rob McKenna is leading the way.4

Corporate profits over working families:
McKenna authored a legal opinion last year saying that the state did not need to raise the minimum wage. Following his lead, a coalition of corporate special interests and McKenna’s campaign donors sued the state to prevent an increase in the minimum wage.5

Corporate special interests and the wealthy should pay their fair share, not get more tax giveaways and sweetheart deals. Unfortunately, McKenna has a long track record of siding with corporations and the wealthy over working families, and he’s promising more of the same in this campaign.

We need to spread the truth about McKenna and his dangerous policies for Washington. Forward this email to three friends and ask them to sign up for the latest updates:


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