Anti-Union ALEC Group Holds a Rally, No One Shows Up

The Freedom Foundation is a far-right organization in Washington that helped write the ALEC toolkit for other states. They are funded by big corporations like Walmart and shadowy conservative foundations from out of state. Since former BIAW leader Tom McCabe took over as their CEO in November, the Freedom Foundation has shifted to focusing on an even more extreme anti-union agenda. As McCabe put it in his New Year's Eve fundraising email:

"if we want to drive our state down the road to freedom, you can bet we're going to leave tire tracks on the backs of some union bosses. Metaphorically speaking, of course."

This morning, the Freedom Foundation culminated their attacks on workers with a rally and march at the state Capitol. Their email announcement promised: "The protest will feature signs, street theater and speakers." Notably, the email did not promise that the event would feature actual people.

Here's a picture of the Freedom Foundation's 15-person rally in Olympia this morning. Nearly half of the attendees appear to be Freedom Foundation staff members.

Freedom Foundation 08-06-2014.jpg

This amusingly pathetic rally is just the latest evidence that the conservative groups responsible for attacks on working people have no public support. Despite the Freedom Foundation's angry rhetoric, Washington state has a long history of supporting working people and their right to dignity, respect, and economic success through organizing. From general strikes during the Great Depression and farm worker organizing in the 1960s to Seattle's historic $15 minimum wage this year, Washington has been a leader in supporting working people. In fact, Washington has the fourth highest rate of organized workers in the country.

We could go on and on, but really, the picture above tells you how little grassroots support the Freedom Foundation has for its anti-worker agenda. The real drive behind the Freedom Foundation's screaming in a vacuum are the powerful corporations that care more about protecting their tax loopholes than supporting working people. You can learn more about the Freedom Foundation from our partners here. Though five conservative members of the Supreme Court may disagree, those corporations aren't actually people, and they'll never show up to your sparsely-populated rally.