World Record Bake Sale

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On March 10th, 2014, Fuse attempted to organize the world's largest ever bake sale to fill the funding hole created by the Big Oil Tax Loophole. We'd hoped to sell 59 million brownies & cookies at $1 each to make up for the $59 million we give away to Big Oil every two years. This would've blown away the current world record of 9,654 items sold in New York in 2011.

We had a great day, and sold nearly 250 items. Unfortunately, that left us a long ways from our goal, and it would be a lot easier if the State Senate would just close the Big Oil Tax Loophole.

It's time for oil companies to stop rigging the tax code and pay their fair share. Share this video if you think we should put our kids before oil companies and close the Big Oil Loophole to fund education.