Holding the Senate Majority Accountable

capitol portrait.jpg

Since Democratic Senators Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon abandoned their party and their constituents to help the Republicans take control of the State Senate, we've seen a wave of anti-choice and anti-labor measures proposed by the new Republican majority. They've tried to repeal sick leave, undercut the minimum wage, and slash worker protections--and that's just the beginning.   

We're holding Tom and Senate Republicans accountable for their attack on working families. Fuse members across the state have been calling, emailing, and meeting with legislators face-to-face to fight for safe communities, strong schools, and a healthy environment. 

In the press, we exposed the Senate Republicans' efforts to block funding for homeless housing, politicize our campaign finance laws for partisan gain, fire the state insurance commissioner out of retribution for his support of health insurance reform, and more. 

We're already seeing our accountability work pay off. Sen. Rodney Tom announced that he is retiring instead of seeking re-election. This shouldn't come as a surprise given his 22 percent approval rating in his home district.