Fuse Holds World's Largest Bake Sale to Make Up for the Big Oil Tax Loophole

March 10, 2014

Olympia - Fuse is hosting the world's largest bake sale from 11 am to 3pm on Monday, March 10 at the Capitol to fund education.

The state Supreme Court ruled that Washington is failing its constitutional responsibility to fund education. Unfortunately, the Senate Republicans - focused on posturing rather than progress -- have refused to close a single tax loophole. They won't even hold a hearing on the straightforward proposal to close the Big Oil tax loophole and devote the $59 million to schools.

Since the Senate won't act, we will. We're hoping to sell 59 million brownies and cookies at $1 each to make up for the $59 million our state gives away to Big Oil every two years. This would blow away the current world record of 9,654 items sold in New York in 2011.

"We're setting an ambitious goal because our kids deserve a quality education. The Senate Republicans didn't leave us any choice because they refused to close a single tax loophole," said Aaron Ostrom, Executive Director of Fuse Washington. "It's a little ridiculous that it's come to this. It would be much easier for Rodney Tom and the Senate Republicans to just close the Big Oil tax loophole."

What: World record bake sale for schools
When: Monday, March 10 from 11am to 3pm
Where: Outside the southeast entrance of the Capitol building
Why: Because the Senate Republicans won't close the Big Oil tax loophole
How much: $59 million and 59 million brownies and cookies. All donations will go to the Education Legacy Trust Account
Who: All legislators, media, and staff are welcome (who doesn't want a brownie?)

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