How to Find Your Friends in Other States to Stop Trumpcare

The Senate is poised to release their Obamacare repeal any day and by all accounts it will be just as awful as the House bill. They are determined to eliminate health care for tens of millions of Americans to give the rich a giant tax cut.

The fate of this bill rests with a handful of swing senators from Western states. While we're fortunate to have two progressive senators here in Washington who fighting the bill, there's still much more we can do. Here's your three step process to stop Trumpcare:

  1. If you're logged in on Facebook, click on this link to find your friends who live in Alaska
  2. Click on the menu with the downward pointing arrow to the right of their name and select "Send message." If no friends show up, try the links for other states below.
  3. Write a short message urging them to contact their senators. Here's a sample message you can copy and paste: "Hi - the U.S. Senate will vote soon on a bill that would take away health care for millions of Americans. Your senators are important swing votes. Please call your Senators Lisa Murkowski at (833) 387-5856 and Dan Sullivan at (833) 387-5859 and urge them to vote no on Trumpcare. Thank you!" It's as easy as that.
Don't have any Facebook friends in Alaska? Or are you looking for more ways to help? Follow the same process for these other states: After you've sent your messages, please forward this three-step way to stop Trumpcare to your friends in Washington and ask them to do the same.