Fuse Washington focuses on getting the issues our members care about - not our name - into newspaper articles, televisions coverage and blog updates. In this section you will find press releases, links to articles about the issues Fuse and its members are working hard on and a little shameless self-promotion (coverage of Fuse as an organization rather than its campaigns).

The Working Families Tax Credit: An Opportunity for Financial Stability

What you need to know about Washington’s biggest opportunity for financial stability

Fifty-seven percent of Americans—your friends, neighbors, and perhaps your own family—don’t have $500 in cash to cover an emergency or unplanned expense.

Fuse's 2019 Legislative Priorities

The 2019 legislative session starts today, and Democrats in Olympia will have the largest and most progressive majority since 2010. After years of hard-fought campaigns to elect a new generation of leaders that will put Washington families first, we’re ready to push the envelope with a bold legislative agenda and show the nation what progressive leadership looks like. 

Results from our 2018 Member Survey

The results are in! More than 500 Fuse members from across Washington participated in our annual member survey in December. From prioritizing climate change and organizing more events outside King County to how much you LOVE our Progressive Voters Guide, your feedback will shape our plans for 2019. 

Here’s a brief rundown of what you told us: 

Fuse members' top three priorities for us in 2019: health care, climate, and balancing the tax code.

Turning The Tide

We’ve been waiting a long time for this. 

Coalition Files PDC Complaint Against Republican Glen Morgan for Voter Deception Scams

10/24 Update: In light of the new mailers in LD 47, the coalition filed a request with the Public Disclosure Commission to refer the case to the Attorney General's office for immediate investigation. You can read the new letter here.