John Koster: "the rape thing"?

UPDATE: John Koster continues to dig himself deeper in a hole by doubling down on his statements about "the rape thing." According to Koster's campaign, his comments are "nothing to be ashamed of." We disagree, and believe that no one holding these callous attitudes and extreme positions should be elected to represent us.

Koster also falsely claimed that the audio was "edited to suit DelBene's agenda" To be clear, we did not edit, manipulate, rearrange, or change Koster's words in any way. Koster's comments about "the rape thing" in our video are exactly as he stated them on October 28. In addition, we provided a copy of the raw audio file to the Associated Press to verify the authenticity of the audio.

There is a serious problem with John Koster's statements, whether he realizes it or not. Since we posted the audio on Facebook at 12pm on October 31, nearly 5,000 stories about Koster have showed up in Google news. In addition, more than 25,000 people have viewed the YouTube video and thousands more have expressed their outrage on Twitter and Facebook. This massive outcry around the world shows that his extreme views and attitudes are well outside the mainstream.

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October 28, 2012: Tea Party Congressional Candidate John Koster explains why he opposes abortion in cases of incest and "the rape thing." When asked about the devastating consequences this would have for survivors, his response was "crime has consequences."
Warning: this is disturbing if you believe women should have any control over their bodies.