One less thing to worry about

As we head into a fun-filled summer with friends and family, here's one less thing for you to worry about: initiative signature gatherers.

Sure, initiative peddlers have less than six weeks left to collection enough signatures to get on the ballot, and some are getting a little desperate. But luckily for us, the answer is easy: NO.

None of the measures collecting signatures right now deserve your help getting on the ballot. Corporations shouldn't be able to buy their way onto the ballot, and equal rights should never be on the ballot in the first place.

Decline to Sign!

Here's a list of the initiatives you might see while you're out and about:

Initiative 1185 - Tim Eyman. Need we say more? His latest scam is bankrolled by Big Oil companies that have already donated $200,000 to Eyman to protect their profits.1 I-1185 would require a 2/3 vote of the legislature to close tax loopholes or pass any bill that raises revenue. This measure would essentially lock-in Eyman's cuts-only approach to education, health care, and essential services for another two years.

Initiative 1192 - This anti-gay initiative contradicts our historic marriage equality law and seeks to write discrimination into law. This initiative, in addition to Referendum 74, shows just how determined far-right groups are to overturn equality.  (Referendum 74 is a separate ballot measure that has already turned in enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.
It's a little confusing.2 We must approve Referendum 74 to preserve marriage equality. Marriage equality is the law in our state, and we don't think basic human rights should be determined by a popular vote.)

We hope this simple guide will help you avoid aggressive signature gatherers. Please forward this email to friends and family and enjoy your summer!

Want to help defeat Tim Eyman or preserve marriage equality? Click here to join our elections volunteer team:


2 The referendum process can be a little confusing. It places an existing law on the ballot and asks if it should be approved or rejected. So Referendum 74 will ask if the marriage equality law that was passed by the Legislature should be approved or rejected. We have to vote to Approve in order to retain the marriage equality law.