Thank the Seattle City Council for saying no to dirty coal!

They heard our letters, petitions, and phone calls! On Tuesday, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to oppose exporting dirty coal through our city and our state.

Seattle joins nine other cities across the Northwest in saying no to coal. The proposed coal port in Bellingham would export up to 48 million tons of coal per year to Asia, all of it rumbling through Seattle on trains.

Health professionals, faith leaders, and local businesses all voiced concern over the impact tons of dirty coal ash would have in our communities. Coal is bad for our communities, our health, and our planet. But huge corporations like Peabody Energy and Goldman Sachs just want to make millions from a massive new export terminal in Washington.

This resolution won't stop the coal trains by itself, and it certainly doesn't mean that our work is over. But thanks to your work, we sent a strong message that Seattle won't let coal pollute our communities. Our effort and dedication is making an impact!

Click here to thank the Seattle City Council for being a champion for our health and our environment: