Rep. Drew MacEwan Votes with Republican Leaders 92% of The Time

"Independent." "Bipartisan." "Listens to you."

These are just a few of the buzzwords you're sure to see splashed across political ads this fall. Republican candidates here in Washington from U.S. House down to local offices are desperate to proclaim independence from their party. Especially as Republicans in swing districts have realized that the Donald "Trump Effect" may act more like kryptonite for their campaign.

This is especially true when it comes to Republican Drew MacEwan of the 35th Legislative District. MacEwan represents the Southeast side of the Olympic Peninsula, stretching from Bremerton down to Olympia. This is a blue collar swing district that elects both Democrats and Republicans.

Here's what MacEwan doesn't want his constituents to know: in 2016 he voted with the Republican Party leadership in Olympia 92 percent of the time.

Fuse analyzed all 429 final votes taken on bills in the state House this year, 390 of which MacEwan participated in. There is a tradition in Olympia for legislatures to vote with their party on procedural motions and then vote their conscience on final passage, so we thought that using final votes would be the most fair standard. For the small number of bills where legislators overruled Governor Inslee's veto, we used the original roll call vote. We then compared the voting record of Representative MacEwan to the Republican Minority Leader Dan Kristiansen. These votes came on both small, uncontroversial bills and major pieces of legislation that will impact working families in our state for years.

Who is in Charge?
Since MacEwan is voting with the Republican leadership nearly every time, who is he taking his cues from?

The real decision maker is a very conservative legislator who is unknown in most of Washington. Minority Leader Dan Kristiansen represents the 39th district, another large district covering the rural east side of Snohomish and Skagit counties. Kristiansen holds many extremely conservative views, including opposing abortion, opposing universal background checks for gun purchases, blocking action to fight global warming, supporting Tim Eyman's self-serving initiatives, opposing transit funding, and refusing to close tax loopholes to fund education. A candidate holding Schoesler's extreme views would have almost no chance of being elected in the independent 35th District. Not surprisingly, MacEwan doesn't want you to know that he follows the lead of his very conservative Republican leadership 92 percent of the time.

The Votes
So what was MacEwan actually voting on? Here are few examples of bills he followed his party leadership on.

We expect our leaders to represent their constituents and voice their conscience, not their party, on the major issues facing our state. For all of his rhetoric about independence and moderation, Representative Drew MacEwan has faithfully voted the Republican Party line 92 percent of the time. The voters of Washington state deserve better.