Rep. June Robinson Earns Legislator of the Week Award

January 28, 2016

Rep. June Robinson Earns "Legislator of the Week" Award for Leadership on Aerospace Accountability
Robinson (D-Everett) Is Leading in the Legislature By Putting Workers and Taxpayers First

Fuse Washington named Rep. June Robinson (D-Everett) as the "Legislator of the Week" for her work to increase accountability and transparency for aerospace tax incentives.

robinsonlegislatoroftheweek.jpg Robinson introduced HB 2638 that would require aerospace companies to keep jobs in Washington in order to receive tax incentives. Robinson's legislation, which has received bipartisan support from legislators across the state, comes in response to the record $8.7 billion legislation passed in 2013 to keep the Boeing 777X program in Everett. Despite receiving the largest state tax incentive in United States history, Boeing has laid off or outsourced more than 4,000 local jobs in just the last two years since the agreement.

"Rep. June Robinson is a leading advocate for increasing accountability and transparency in the legislature," said Erin Haick, Political Director of Fuse Washington. "We can count on Robinson to put working people and taxpayers first."

At a time when bipartisan cooperation is at a premium in Olympia, Robinson has earned the support of Democrats and Republicans from both sides of the Cascades. The legislation establishes a baseline of Boeing's employment level when the original tax incentive was passed in November of 2013. If employment levels drop below the level, their tax incentive is reduced by a proportional amount. This commonsense change will ensure that the tax incentive serves its intended purpose of maintaining good jobs in Washington.

"Robinson's work is essential to keeping jobs in Washington and we urge other legislators to follow her leadership on this important issue," said Haick.

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