Rodney Tom Citations


1.  In 2012, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that the state was not meeting its constitutional requirement to fully fund basic education.1 The House of Representatives voted to close a tax loophole for Big Oil companies and put that money into our schools2, but the bill was never taken up in the Republican-controlled Senate.3  Today that loophole is worth nearly $60 million every two years4, and the Supreme Court has chastised the Legislature for not investing more in our schools, but the Senate continues to do nothing. 


2.  Senator Randi Becker, the Republican chair of the Health Care Committee, is a staunch opponent of a woman's right to choose and has refused to a vote on the Reproductive Parity Act, which would require insurance companies that cover maternity care to also cover abortion.5 Despite signing onto a letter supporting the RPA6, Senator Tom has let social conservatives in his caucus block a vote on this legislation, telling Planned Parenthood teens that it wasn't worth the "political capital" to move the bill.7


3.  Republican Senator Mike Padden was appointed Chair of the Law & Justice Committee when Sen. Tom joined with Republicans in 2012.  In the wake of unspeakable shootings in Lakewood, Seattle, and Newtown, Padden has continued to use his power as committee chair to block measures that would make our communities safer from gun violence.8  Padden, who earned an A+ rating from the NRA,9 refuses to consider reforms to Washington's gun laws.


If Tom had not switched sides, the Law and Justice Committee would have been led by Adam Kline, a Democrat with a history of consistent support for gun safety legislation.10