Anti-Vaccine Candidate Runs for Hospital Commission in Renton

Friday, October 29, 2021
Image of a Facebook post about ivermectin

You can listen to the full story on KUOW here

A candidate who spreads medical misinformation online is running to serve on a public hospital commission in Renton. KUOW politics has more.

Katie Bachand is a doula who helps women with childbirth now running to serve on the board of a public hospital, Valley Medical Center in Renton. She's running because "I am conservative. I'm not one to say, we have $10 so spend 11. I'm like we have 10, OK, can we get by with spending 6 or 7?" 

Bachand also spreads medical misinformation about the COVID 19 pandemic online - about vaccines and masking, and she promotes the veterinary medicine ivermectin as a COVID treatment. She also attended Donald Trump's stop the steal rally on January 6. Her Facebook posts on those issues are now hidden from public view and Bachand is unwilling to discuss any of that.  

"My ideas on mandates on mask-wearing are not relevant." Bachand sean says that's because her sole focus is a commissioner will be on fiscal issues, like the hospital's budget and levy rates. But Bachand's opponent is Monique Taylor Swan, a union board member with SEIU 775 and a home-care aide with Washington's Department of Social and Health Services.

"I think that that's a threat to health care. You're not vaccinated nor wearing a mask. You're putting everyone at risk and you just maybe put in more people at risk with the decisions that you are making." Taylor Swan has a progressive agenda among her top issues if elected: proper staffing levels and more equitable pay and a focus on inclusion and equity. The candidates are running for King County Public Hospital District 1, Commissioner Position Number 4,