What is Washington Initiative 2111?

Thursday, January 25, 2024
a couple worries about money at the kitchen table

Washington Initiative 2111 (I-2111) is one of a series of initiatives that will appear on the ballot in November of 2024. I-2111 would prohibit Washington from ever enacting an income tax of any kind and build in a permanent tax cut for the ultra wealthy.

How should I vote on Initiative I-2111?

You should vote “no.” 

In Washington, we’re known for taking care of the people who live here by funding good schools, public services, and programs like paid family and medical leave. I-2111 purports to be a ban on income taxes, but everyone knows that we already don’t have an income tax in Washington state. That’s why I-2111 won’t do anything to help regular folks.

What would happen if Initiative I-2111 passes?

I-2111 is a poorly written and confusing measure with serious potential for unintended consequences. The most likely outcome of I-2111 passing is litigation over what exactly is impacted.

We would also be banned from funding the roads we take to work, the parks our kids play in, and the care we need through  progressive taxes on the wealthiest. Instead of paying more of what they owe to our communities, we’d be forced by the ultra wealthy to continue to rely on regressive sales and property taxes to fund the things we all rely on. 

Who is behind this initiative?

One MAGA multi-millionaire named Brian Heywood has personally spent more than $6 million bankrolling all of these initiatives in a cynical effort to buy him and his ultra-rich friends multiple tax cuts. He wants to roll back the ways our elected leaders have made life better in Washington in recent years with no care about the damage to our communities he leaves in his wake.

Each of these initiatives is sponsored in the Legislature by one of the most powerful MAGA-Republicans in Olympia. Now the Chair of Washington’s far right Republican Party, Rep. Jim Walsh is once again looking to impose his dangerous and unpopular agenda on all the people of Washington.