Meet Joe Kent

Wednesday, August 24, 2022
Joe Kent is shown with a quote from him: "I don't think there's anything wrong with there being a white people special interest group"

Who is Joe Kent?” That’s the question people keep asking us after this Trump-endorsed candidate advanced in the primary election to face Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez this November in the 3rd Congressional District.

Unfortunately, while Kent himself might be relatively unknown, his allegiance to the MAGA agenda is all too common among the Washington GOP. Here are some of Kent’s positions on key issues:

  • Would vote for a federal abortion ban. He said he “100% supports” the overturning of Roe v Wade and would vote for a national ban on abortion care if elected.
  • Promotes election and racist conspiracies. Kent has repeatedly supported the criminal conspiracy led by former President Trump to overturn the 2020 election, promising to impeach President Biden and VP Harris if elected. He has also appeared alongside neo-nazis and Holocaust deniers at events, and has even had a Proud Boy on his campaign payroll.
  • Discriminates against gay and lesbian couples. He calls same-sex couples who adopt children “groomers,” repeating a dehumanizing lie meant to incite violence against our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors.

We can’t send a Trump-endorsed MAGA Republican like Joe Kent to Congress. He will work to take away our freedoms, whether it’s our freedom to marry who we love or our freedom to decide whether we have kids.

We need your help educating other voters in your neighborhood about how dangerous Kent is, which is why we’ve created our Democracy Defenders program to counter MAGA misinformation and lies online. 

Become a Democracy Defender today to protect our freedoms and help elect Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez!