Fuse Washington focuses on getting the issues our members care about - not our name - into newspaper articles, televisions coverage and blog updates. In this section you will find press releases, links to articles about the issues Fuse and its members are working hard on and a little shameless self-promotion (coverage of Fuse as an organization rather than its campaigns).

Juneteenth 2022

Check out Juneteenth events near you in Washington state.

7 Times WA Republicans Opposed Gun Safety Laws

Washington Republicans have opposed commonsense gun safety laws for years, while bankrolling their election campaigns with gun lobby dollars.

Fuse’s 2022 Primary Election Endorsements

For questions about our endorsement process please reach out to our Campaign Director Jamielyn Wheeler at Jamielyn@FuseWashington.org

Fuse has released its first set of pre-primary endorsements for the 2022 election. Fuse's criteria for endorsements include:

Not Just SCOTUS. WA Republicans Attack Abortion Access

Washington Republican legislators have been trying to restrict our reproductive freedoms for years, introducing extremist anti-choice bills in our state legislature in just the last few months.