Fuse Washington focuses on getting the issues our members care about - not our name - into newspaper articles, televisions coverage and blog updates. In this section you will find press releases, links to articles about the issues Fuse and its members are working hard on and a little shameless self-promotion (coverage of Fuse as an organization rather than its campaigns).

2023 Washington Legislative Session

The 2023 Washington Legislative session is underway, and the strengthened progressive majority delivered by voters means legislators have a big opportunity to pass bold progressive bills this year! Here at Fuse, we’re focused on making progress in key areas that will give all Washington families a chance to thrive.

Progressives Are Winning Across Washington

It felt like the whole country was holding its breath this year, waiting to see if Trump’s hard-right contingent would continue to erode our democracy. It was so awesome to see voters support progressive candidates across the state and country and reject the MAGA Republican lies and conspiracy theories.

Ranked Choice and Approval Voting: what’s the difference, Seattle?

This November, Seattle voters will have the opportunity to upgrade our voting system. Proposition 1 on our ballot will give voters three options:

Fuse’s 2022 General Election Endorsements

For questions about our endorsement process please reach out to our Campaign Director Jamielyn Wheeler at Jamielyn@FuseWashington.org

Fuse has released its first set of endorsements for the 2022 election. Our 2022 endorsed candidates are included in our full Progressive Voters Guide. Fuse's criteria for endorsements include: