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Meet Joe Kent

Who is Joe Kent?” That’s the question people keep asking us after this Trump-endorsed candidate advanced in the primary election to face Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez this November in the 3rd Congressional District.

Meet Matt Larkin

Who is Matt Larkin?” That’s the question people keep asking us after he advanced in the primary election to face Rep. Dr. Kim Schrier this November in the 8th Congressional District.

Unfortunately, while Larkin himself might be relatively unknown, his allegiance to the MAGA agenda has become all too familiar among the Washington GOP. Here are some of Larkin’s positions on key issues:

IRA brings climate action and savings for Washington

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law on Aug 16, 2022 by President Biden after Senate and House Democrats unanimously passed the legislation. Not a single Republican voted for the bill in either house.

Juneteenth 2022

Check out Juneteenth events near you in Washington state.

7 Times WA Republicans Opposed Gun Safety Laws

Washington Republicans have opposed commonsense gun safety laws for years, while bankrolling their election campaigns with gun lobby dollars.