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Demonstrators leave shoes at Cathy McMorris Rodgers' office to protest immigration policy


About 25 people delivered children's shoes to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodger's office on Thursday afternoon. The rally was called 'Walk a mile in our shoes' and organizers with Fuse Washington are calling on the Eastern Washington Representative to propose legislation to end the Trump administration’s 'zero-tolerance' immigration policy.

Net neutrality protest draws two dozen to McMorris Rodgers’ office

Spokane Spokesman-Review

The protest was a response McMorris Rodgers’ opposition to previous federal rules regarding net neutrality that protesters argued ensure equal access to the internet. The repeal of those rules, say protesters, will allow internet service providers to block websites or apps, control the speed of certain websites and create a faster version of the internet for people who pay more, and a slower version for those who don’t.

Fuse Washington, an advocacy organization, hosted the protest, which drew about 25 people.

'Liberty: The 51st State' -- Republicans to hear plan to split Washington


Two Republican Party luminaries, U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse and U.S. House candidate Dino Rossi, will be the warm-up acts at a Wenatchee GOP dinner for a state legislator who wants to split Washington into two states.

Local activist groups hold rally outside Dino Rossi fundraiser

The Bellevue Reporter

Fuse Washington put a call out for people to rally after Rossi did not respond to a request for comment regarding funding from the gun industry.

Rally in the rain against the rich

Auburn Reporter

Community members rallied in the rain on the Auburn City Hall Plaza last Saturday to oppose what they describe as a Congressional Republicans’ “tax giveaway” to the rich.

“The Republican tax bill is a $1.2 trillion disaster for working families,” said Marquese Averett, senior organizer for the South King County office of Fuse, a statewide, progressive advocacy organization. “We’re saying ‘no more’ to Republicans like Dino Rossi, who would be just another rubber stamp for Congressional Republicans’ corrupt agenda.”