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Local activist groups hold rally outside Dino Rossi fundraiser

The Bellevue Reporter

Fuse Washington put a call out for people to rally after Rossi did not respond to a request for comment regarding funding from the gun industry.

Rally in the rain against the rich

Auburn Reporter

Community members rallied in the rain on the Auburn City Hall Plaza last Saturday to oppose what they describe as a Congressional Republicans’ “tax giveaway” to the rich.

“The Republican tax bill is a $1.2 trillion disaster for working families,” said Marquese Averett, senior organizer for the South King County office of Fuse, a statewide, progressive advocacy organization. “We’re saying ‘no more’ to Republicans like Dino Rossi, who would be just another rubber stamp for Congressional Republicans’ corrupt agenda.”

Congressional candidates Brown, Bonneau talk health care, gun control at Pullman town hall

Spokane Spokesman-Review

McMorris Rodgers did not attend the public forum, but was at a School Safety Youth Forum in Spokane at the same time.

Her campaign spokeswoman Ashley Stubbs said the organization hosting the Pullman forum, Fuse, used Western Washington money to push their values on the district through misleading questions.

Jim Dawson, director of Spokane’s Fuse office, said he was disappointed McMorris Rodgers did not attend events like the forum, where the questions were unscripted and asked by the audience. She did, however, answer audience questions at the Spokane event. He said there would another debate featuring Brown and Bonneau in Walla Walla, but McMorris Rodgers has not indicated she would attend.

Local activist groups hold rally outside Dino Rossi fundraiser

The Bellevue Reporter

Morgan Steele, senior political organizer at Fuse Washington, said the group put a call out for people to come to the rally after Rossi did not respond to a request for comment regarding funding from the gun industry and support for increased gun control legislation.

“Fuse, along with coalition partners such as Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, Moms Rising, Moms Demand Action, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest, Faith Action Network — a whole host of coalition partners — sent a letter to every candidate in the 8th Congressional District asking to a) commit to refusing to take money form the gun lobby to fund their campaigns and b) to support commonsense measures to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them,” Steele said. “Every candidate on the Democratic side responded within 24 hours, Dino Rossi never responded. These are coalition partners with members in the 8th Congressional District, we know these are issues that are important to voters of the 8th Congressional District and he hasn’t said anything.”

High hopes for new leadership in Olympia | Guest editorial

Bothell-Kenmore Reporter

Voters have provided leadership during recent years of legislative gridlock by passing important progressive ballot measures. With Olympia stymied, voters have increasingly taken matters into their own hands at the ballot box by passing ballot measures on marriage equality, marijuana legalization, gun safety, paid sick leave and more.

Democrats now have an opportunity and an obligation to show voters that they too can lead. After six years of stagnation and nearly a full year of the Trump administration, this much is clear: tepid incrementalism simply will not suffice. We hope the newly leadership in Olympia will seize this moment and deliver bold solutions for the people of Washington.

Aaron Ostrom is the Executive Director of Fuse Washington, the state’s largest progressive advocacy organization. You can learn more at www.FuseWashington.org.