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Benton, Ericksen part of Trump's political 'beachhead' takeover team at EPA


Asked about the prospect of Ericksen at EPA, Collin Jergens of Fuse Washington, the state's largest progressive advocacy group, said: "It's fitting that the Trump administration would hire one of Washington state's most outspoken and conspiracy minded climate deniers to work for the Environmental Protection Agenc

Local progressive group urges community to take action


But instead of simply complaining, Fuse Program Director Jim Dawson taught attendees ways to take action against policies they don't agree with. "People are opposed to Trump's un-American agenda. He doesn't represent the majority of values in this country. People are scared and people want to know what to do to stop him," he said.

Rachel Maddow Covers ACA Rally At Rep. Dave Reichert's Office


Nearly 1,000 people joined the Hear Our Voices rally outside Republican Rep. Dave Reichert's office in Issaquah on February 23 calling on him to protect the ACA, funding for Planned Parenthood, and immigrants.

$5K McMorris Rodgers fundraiser will draw a protest


Fuse Washington, the state's largest progressive group, is no stranger to protests outside Republican events in Bellevue. It is working with a group called Hear Our Voices coalition, which put 750 demonstrators outside Rep. Dave Reichert's Issaquah office last February.

Dozens gather in Spokane to protest looming state government shutdown if budget deal isn't reached

Spokane Spokesman-Review

Jim Dawson, campaign director for Fuse, a progressive group putting pressure on the legislature over budget issues, speaks to a group gathered at Parkview Early Learning Center in Spokane. The gathering was a protest over the impasse between the Washington state Senate and House on the budget, especially concerning education and social services.