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Is Nadine Woodward a Trump Voter?

Recording reveals why she is hiding her political views and that she “Didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton” 

This whole election season, Nadine Woodward has failed to answer basic questions about her political views that would help voters make a decision about whether or not to support her.  

She has been the least transparent candidate running for mayor, from skipping 6 of the last 13 candidate forums, to refusing to be interviewed by reporters, to misleading voters about her views on Border Patrol. 

Nadine Woodward Misleads Voters on Border Patrol

Local advocates catch candidate misleading voters and spreading fear and hate

Learn About Joining The Fuse Washington Board!

Fuse is dedicated to a vision of shared and sustainable prosperity, equity, and justice for all people. Our mission is to achieve progress through government by the people and for the people in Washington state.

We are looking to add two new board members in January, and have decided to open up our recruiting process to grow the pool of candidates.

Gen Z doesn’t want your hope - they want you to act. Here’s how.

As I stood in the New York streets last Friday, surrounded by more highschoolers than I likely had been since I was in high school myself--two things became clear. One-the last thing these climate-protesting kids want is your hope. They are demanding action. Second-we have reached a breaking point. Our children are taking to the streets to claim a future that is not certain.