Fuse Washington focuses on getting the issues our members care about - not our name - into newspaper articles, televisions coverage and blog updates. In this section you will find press releases, links to articles about the issues Fuse and its members are working hard on and a little shameless self-promotion (coverage of Fuse as an organization rather than its campaigns).

Our 2021 Legislative Agenda

The Washington state Legislature convenes today at a tumultuous moment in our nation’s history. Amidst so much uncertainty, it is abundantly clear that legislators must take bold action right away to support Washingtonians who are hanging on by a thread. The simultaneous public health, economic, environmental, and racial justice crises demand that we come together and demand that lawmakers summon the political will to do right by us all, and not succumb to the political cautiousness that has too often doomed good legislation.

Impeachment. Now.

On January 6, we watched in horror as white militants stormed the U.S. Capitol building in a desperate effort to overturn the will of the people. This was the culmination of five years of conspiracy-fueled incitement by Donald Trump and his extremist Republican allies. These armed vigilantes were inspired, enabled, and empowered by the President of the United States, and all of them must be held accountable.