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Impeachment. Now.

On January 6, we watched in horror as white militants stormed the U.S. Capitol building in a desperate effort to overturn the will of the people. This was the culmination of five years of conspiracy-fueled incitement by Donald Trump and his extremist Republican allies. These armed vigilantes were inspired, enabled, and empowered by the President of the United States, and all of them must be held accountable. 

Yes, Eileen, There Is Systemic Racism

Clark County deserves better than Eileen Quiring.

At a recent public meeting, Clark County Council Chair Eileen Quiring stated, “I do not agree that we have systematic racism in our county. Period.” Quiring’s statement isn’t just wrong – it’s downright dangerous for someone leading a county of almost half a million people.

Fuse's 2020 Endorsements

For questions about our endorsement process please reach out to our Campaign Director Jamielyn Wheeler at Jamielyn [at] FuseWashington.org.

Fuse has released its endorsements ahead of the 2020 primary election.  Fuse's criteria for endorsements include:

#ElectedsForJustice: Five Reforms For Police Accountability

The incredible protests for racial justice taking place across the country have sparked a long-overdue discussion about police violence in America.