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Comeback victories across Washington

There was so much at stake this general election. While the final votes are still coming in in a few counties, it’s clear that Washingtonians fought hard for progress in the face of unprecedented corporate spending. From Amazon’s $1.5 million in Seattle and hundreds of thousands spent by big developers in Spokane to tens of thousands spent by the fossil fuel industry in Whatcom County, voters were inundated with campaign messages pushing a conservative corporate agenda.

Is Nadine Woodward a Trump Voter?

Recording reveals why she is hiding her political views and that she “Didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton” 

This whole election season, Nadine Woodward has failed to answer basic questions about her political views that would help voters make a decision about whether or not to support her.  

She has been the least transparent candidate running for mayor, from skipping 6 of the last 13 candidate forums, to refusing to be interviewed by reporters, to misleading voters about her views on Border Patrol. 

Nadine Woodward Misleads Voters on Border Patrol

Local advocates catch candidate misleading voters and spreading fear and hate