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Why We Oppose Tim Eyman’s Initiative 976

Tim Eyman has devoted the last 20 years of his life to gutting funding for essential services in Washington state. Over the course of two decades, he launched dozens of initiatives that have slashed billions of dollars that would have boosted transportation, transit, education, affordable housing, mental health services, and more. The damage Tim Eyman has done to Washington’s public services cannot be overstated.

What is Rep. Matt Shea's Problem?

Republican Rep. Matt Shea’s name has been in the headlines a lot lately for reasons that are truly hard to believe, even in today’s political climate.

First elected to the state House in 2008,  Shea has disgraced his North-Spokane Legislative District and our state with his outrageous white supremacist and religious extremist beliefs. Much like national Republicans have willfully ignored the behavior of President Trump, Washington state Republicans have spent the last decade looking the other way.

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The Secret Weapon Against Climate Change: Affordable Homes

Climate change and the rising cost of living are two of the most daunting and urgent challenges facing our region.

Your 2019 Ballot Initiative Guide

As we head into this holiday weekend, you can bet initiative supporters will be out in force with clipboards in hand, looking for your signature. 

We put together this simple guide to the two major ballot measures that are collecting signatures this summer. We hope these recommendations will help you make informed choices about which initiatives to support. You might save this in your inbox so you have it handy when someone asks you to sign, then share this email to a friend! 

Decline to Sign Tim Eyman’s I-1648