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The Secret Weapon Against Climate Change: Affordable Homes

Climate change and the rising cost of living are two of the most daunting and urgent challenges facing our region.

Your 2019 Ballot Initiative Guide

As we head into this holiday weekend, you can bet initiative supporters will be out in force with clipboards in hand, looking for your signature. 

We put together this simple guide to the two major ballot measures that are collecting signatures this summer. We hope these recommendations will help you make informed choices about which initiatives to support. You might save this in your inbox so you have it handy when someone asks you to sign, then share this email to a friend! 

Decline to Sign Tim Eyman’s I-1648 

Breaking The Cycle Of Homelessness

The last decade has ushered in an era of unprecedented prosperity in the Puget Sound region.

Fuse Releases 2019 Primary Election Endorsements

Updated July 11

Fuse has released its endorsements ahead of the 2019 primary election.  Fuse's criteria for endorsements include: