Activists across the country are coming together like never before to resist the Trump administration’s unprecedented attacks on our democracy. Our resistance strategy has three main parts.

  • Support and help organize the resistance movement. Fuse provides information, logistical support, and trainings for Indivisible groups across the state. In areas where Fuse has staff and local activists’ councils, we also organize events directly and look for opportunities to build a long-term movement for change.
  • Fight the Trump agenda. We work closely with Indivisible groups and progressive advocacy organizations to oppose the Trump administration’s attacks on our communities. From opposing the GOP health care bill to protecting immigrants and supporting action on climate, we have to show strong grassroots support for our state.
  • Hold Republican elected officials accountable. While Washington is a “blue” state, we have four Republican members of Congress who are key votes on many of these important bills. We organize rallies, protests, canvasses, and press conferences to demand that Republicans like Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers stand with the people of Washington instead of the Trump administration.