Is Nadine Woodward a Trump Voter?

Thursday, October 17, 2019
Trump thumbs up

Recording reveals why she is hiding her political views and that she “Didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton” 

This whole election season, Nadine Woodward has failed to answer basic questions about her political views that would help voters make a decision about whether or not to support her.  

She has been the least transparent candidate running for mayor, from skipping 6 of the last 13 candidate forums, to refusing to be interviewed by reporters, to misleading voters about her views on Border Patrol. 

When asked by reporters, she has refused to answer questions about how she voted for President and in local elections. Why?

The answer is becoming clear. On July 19 at a Rotary Club event, she made it obvious that she wasn’t sharing her right-wing political views with voters because she knew if they found out it would make it harder for her to win her election.  

“I work extremely hard to keep partisanship and party out of this race. I know full well that someone who is right of center is going to have a hard race in the city election for mayor. Cathy McMorris Rodgers lost the city in her last election by 17 points. She wins the county. She overwhelmingly wins the district. But the city has turned liberal…”

You can listen to the audio here.

“Woodward is actively hiding her political views because she knows that the majority of Spokane voters don’t agree with her. We are left to wonder what else is she hiding from voters,” said Jim Dawson, Program Director at Fuse in Spokane 

On July 26 at a campaign event when pushed by a local activist, positioned as a Trump supporter, about whether she voted for Trump she finally admits: “I did not vote for Hillary Clinton. Is that good enough?” 

That audio clip can be found here

“Woodward is a Trump-supporting right-wing candidate and is not being honest with voters about it.  She admits her success depends on voters not knowing the truth about her views," Dawson continued.   

As a public personality with no experience on public boards, commissions, or elected office she has no public voting record that voters can examine to understand how she will behave as mayor. Making how she has voted in past elections even more important.