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Nadine Woodward Misleads Voters on Border Patrol

Local advocates catch candidate misleading voters and spreading fear and hate

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Fuse is dedicated to a vision of shared and sustainable prosperity, equity, and justice for all people.

Gen Z doesn’t want your hope - they want you to act. Here’s how.

Climate Change

As I stood in the New York streets last Friday, surrounded by more highschoolers than I likely had been since I was in high school myself--two things became clear.

Fuse Releases 2019 General Election Endorsements

Local Councils

Fuse has released its endorsements ahead of the 2019 primary election.  Fuse's criteria for endorsements include:

Why We Oppose Tim Eyman’s Initiative 976

Accountability , Tax Reform

Tim Eyman has devoted the last 20 years of his life to gutting funding for essential services in Washington state.