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Janus V. AFSCME 31: Putting Working People First

Workers Rights

From SeaTac fast food workers demanding a $15 hourly minimum wage and a union to public sector employees pushing for fully-funded education, Washington’s unionized workers have st

Rep. Kristine Reeves Earns "Legislator of the Week" Award


Fuse Washington Recognizes Representative Kristine Reeves as a Champion for Working Families in Olympia

Sen. Rebecca Saldaña Earns "Legislator of the Week" Award


Senator Saldaña (D-Renton) Is Leading Efforts to Strengthen Our Democracy

Fuse Washington named Sen.

The Fuse Fix: How To Make A Difference This Week

Local Councils , Trump Resistance

Thanks for checking out this week's edition of the Fuse Fix!

What are CHIP, DACA, and the DREAM Act, anyway?

Trump Resistance

As progressives, it is our duty to remind congressional Republicans and Democrats alike that there are some issues that should never be up for political debate.