3,000 Progressive Activists Call for Rep. Matt Shea's Expulsion

Thursday, January 9, 2020
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Updated January 13, 2020

3,000 Progressive Activists Call on State House to Expel Rep. Matt Shea

Seattle, WA - Public pressure is growing to remove Rep. Matt Shea from office ahead of next week's opening of the 2020 legislative session. In recent weeks, thousands of progressive activists across Washington have called on their state House members to expel Shea from office after an independent investigation found he engaged in domestic terrorism. As of January 13, 3,000 people have sent a message to their two representatives through Fuse’s website and the number continues to grow. These activists come from all 49 legislative districts, including more than 60 in Shea’s own 4th District. This strong response represents five times as many Fuse members as would ordinarily take such an action.

“No one who engages in domestic terrorism should hold elected office,” said Collin Jergens, Communications Director of Fuse Washington, the state’s largest progressive advocacy organization. “We call on Democrats and Republicans to stand united against white supremacy and religious extremism by removing Rep. Matt Shea from office.”

On December 19, House leaders released the results of an independent investigation that found Shea has engaged in “domestic terrorism against the United States” multiple times over several years. While Shea has been removed from the House Republican caucus, he is still eligible to participate in floor debates and vote on legislation.


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