Investigation finds Rep. Matt Shea engaged in "domestic terrorism"

Wednesday, January 8, 2020
Rep. Matt Shea poses with gun owners.

A horrifying new report released last month found that Republican Rep. Matt Shea has repeatedly engaged in “domestic terrorism.” Independent investigators spent four months digging into Shea on behalf of the state House and uncovered damning new evidence of his dangerous and extreme behavior. He just keeps getting worse.

The new report shows that Shea helped plan and participated in three different armed conflicts against the U.S. government. He’s using his platform as a legislator to give a voice and credibility to religious extremists and white supremacists everywhere.

The investigators concluded by saying Shea is likely to “plan, direct, and engage in additional future conflicts” with “significant risk of bloodshed and loss of life.”

They believe Shea represents “a present and growing risk to others through political violence.” We can’t believe we even have to say this: people who engage in "domestic terrorism" have no place in our Legislature.

This is far from the first time Rep. Shea has promoted his dangerous views without consequence. In correspondence with Rep. Shea, the group’s founder wrote about scenarios in which their members have to fight against Muslims “that are invading our country.”

Rep. Shea described Team Rugged as a “return to patriotic principles” – but he doesn’t know the meeting of those words. Let’s be clear – these so-called “Team Rugged” teachings are the teachings of white supremacy.

We must stand united against white supremacy in Washington and send a message that Shea’s extremism has no place in elected office. The state House can expel a member from office with a two-thirds vote – which would require Republicans to join Democrats in doing the right thing. If there was ever a time to remove someone from office, this is it. Matt
 Shea and his extremist beliefs represent a clear and present threat to the people of Washington. Please join us today in calling on the House to remove Shea from office.