Meet Matt Larkin

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Who is Matt Larkin?” That’s the question people keep asking us after he advanced in the primary election to face Rep. Dr. Kim Schrier this November in the 8th Congressional District.

Unfortunately, while Larkin himself might be relatively unknown, his allegiance to the MAGA agenda has become all too familiar among the Washington GOP. Here are some of Larkin’s positions on key issues:

  • Opposes abortion in all cases. Larkin wants to take away our freedom to decide whether and when we grow our families and called for a total ban on safe, legal abortion in Washington, as well as banning contraceptives like birth control pills and Plan B.
  • Promotes election conspiracies. Larkin publicly stated that he doesn’t believe President Biden’s election was legitimate, and he supports the criminal conspiracy led by former President Trump to overturn the will of the people in the 2020 election.
  • Would vote for a federal abortion ban. He called the overturning of Roe v Wade a “victory” and would like to see federal legislation banning abortion care nationwide.

We can’t send a Trump Republican like Matt Larkin to Congress. He will work to take away our freedoms, whether it’s our freedom to vote or our freedom to decide whether we have kids.

We need your help educating other voters in your neighborhood about how dangerous Larkin is, which is why we’ve created our Democracy Defenders program to counter MAGA misinformation and lies online.

Become a Democracy Defender today to protect our freedoms and re-elect Rep. Schrier!