We believe that racial justice is a fundamental progressive value and that fighting for it is both a moral and a practical responsibility. Diverse communities hold the key to Washington’s future, and to engage them successfully we must become an organization that is an effective ally and partner on their priorities. Fuse is committed to becoming an anti-racist and inclusive organization that represents the interests and diversity of the changing progressive community in Washington state.

Fuse works to incorporate racial justice into every aspect of our work. As an organization, this work includes:

  • Applying racial equity and anti-racist considerations to how we choose and organize our issue and candidate campaigns
  • Working to change the kind of candidates that run for office and win by working even harder to recruit and support progressive people of color to run for office and win
  • Working with campaigns to communicate with voters more often and more effectively about race and amplifying messaging that takes on structural racism
  • Focusing our resources on candidates who are committed to racial justice and dismantling institutionalized racism.