Fuse advocates for policies that improve the lives of working people and the labor unions that fight for workers every day. Fuse served on the steering committee of Initiative 1433 in 2016, the successful ballot measure to raise the minimum wage and establish paid sick leave statewide. More than 650 Fuse members from across Washington state signed up to collect signatures to qualify the initiative for the ballot, and we helped recruit small businesses and others to be local spokespeople for the campaign around the state. Prior to I-1433, Fuse played a lead role in a successful effort to pass paid sick leave through the Spokane City Council and supported similar efforts in Seattle and Tacoma.

Fuse also opposes “Right to Work” and other efforts to undermine workers’ rights. Labor unions helped create America’s middle class and serve as the backbone for most progressive advocacy campaigns. We stand in solidarity with our partners in the labor movement against all attacks from conservative elected officials and organizations.