Protecting workers during this crisis

Friday, March 13, 2020
Health care for America now!

Our nation faces a health emergency that is spreading rapidly through our communities. Rather than letting fear turn us against each other, we must come together and support one another, especially those hardest hit by this crisis.

Progressives in Congress have introduced an urgent stimulus package to expand testing and alleviate the economic impact of the coronavirus. The legislation has several essential elements:

  • Free coronavirus testing for anyone who needs it
  • Paid emergency sick leave so anyone who is sick can stay home
  • Extended unemployment insurance for those who are laid off
  • Food assistance for those struggling to make ends meet
  • Protections against price gouging

Millions of hourly, part-time, and gig workers face the prospect of layoffs or significant cuts to their income. Others are being told to stay home if they’re sick, but without sick leave, this means losing out on a paycheck.

This is a moment for the federal government to provide urgently needed leadership and support for millions of people struggling across the country. Members of Congress must support this emergency legislation!

The Trump administration has attempted to get other Republicans on board with cutting payroll taxes as their answer to this crisis. Unfortunately, the policy is so unhelpful and skewed toward the wealthy that even congressional Republicans want nothing to do with it.

Our own Sen. Patty Murray is leading the charge on this legislation, holding the Trump administration accountable for their failings during this time of crisis and fighting for workers. The Trump administration has botched chance after chance to get ahead of the coronavirus – we can’t miss another one.

Ask your member to support this emergency legislation here.