Yes, Eileen, There Is Systemic Racism

Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Eileen Quiring

Clark County deserves better than Eileen Quiring.

At a recent public meeting, Clark County Council Chair Eileen Quiring stated, “I do not agree that we have systematic racism in our county. Period.” Quiring’s statement isn’t just wrong – it’s downright dangerous for someone leading a county of almost half a million people.

The painful truth is that racism is embedded in every aspect of our society and government.

The list goes on and on. Systematic racism is a fact and has been throughout the history of this county, state, and nation.

Racism is not something we can disagree on. That’s why we’re supporting the Vancouver NAACPLULAC SW WA Council 47013, WEA-Riverside, the YWCA of Clark County, and thousands of community members who are calling for her resignation.

Racism is being tackled in Southwest Washington with new vigor. A Vancouver School Board member resigned in early June to his dog-whistle racist comment, the police chief agreed to disband all “thin blue line” paraphernalia from the police officer’s uniforms and their patrol cars, and the activism is gaining widespread support.

“There’s absolutely no reason for me to resign,” Quiring told the news website. “I will absolutely not resign. There is no reason for me to resign. I will continue to work in my role as chair of the county council.”

The people of Clark County need better leadership during these challenging times. Will you join us in calling for Eileen Quiring to resign?

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