2023 Washington Legislative Session

Friday, January 6, 2023
The Olympia Capitol building

The 2023 Washington Legislative session is underway, and the strengthened progressive majority delivered by voters means legislators have a big opportunity to pass bold progressive bills this year! Here at Fuse, we’re focused on making progress in key areas that will give all Washington families a chance to thrive.

To advance these priorities, we’ve identified a number of bills that, if enacted, would bring needed progress on everything from reducing gun violence to building enough affordable housing for everyone to have a home. We will update these bills as they are filed or passed and session continues, so check back regularly to see what we’re fighting for!

Expand affordable housing in Washington cities

Everyone deserves a roof over their head and a door that locks. We need to build more duplexes, fourplexes, small apartments, and backyard cottages that are more affordable to families and workers.

House Bill 1110: Take action to support Middle Housing!

Rebalance our upside-down tax code and fight inequality

We’re going to continue the fight to make sure that Washington’s ultra-wealthy pay their share for the community services that we all rely on by supporting new approaches to taxing wealth.

Senate Bill 5486: Support the Washington Wealth Tax!

We’re also working to expand the Working Families Tax Credit and supporting a Guaranteed Basic Income that would help struggling working families afford rent and put food on the table.

House Bill 1045: Let's create a Guaranteed Basic Income for Washington!

Extend life-saving benefits to Washington residents who pay into them

Immigrant workers whose taxes fund our healthcare and unemployment benefit systems deserve to access those same benefits, so we're joining with immigrant justice partners to make this right.

House Bill 1095/Senate Bill 5019: Immigrant workers need unemployment assistance!

Restricting access to assault weapons

These weapons of war drive mass shootings and have no place in our neighborhoods or the schools where our kids learn. It's time to ban their sale in Washington.

House Bill 1240/Senate Bill 5265: Let's ban military-style assault weapons in Washington!

Ranked choice voting for Washington’s presidential primary

We support bringing an upgrade to our state's presidential primary that strengthens democracy and ensures our votes count.

House Bill 1592: Upgrade Washington's presidential primaries to ranked choice voting!